Battery Storage

Optimise your PV system with solar battery storage

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Battery Storage Systems

Solar battery storage systems are designed to capture surplus solar energy, that would usually be exported to the grid, storing it for use later in the evening.

With the latest industry advancements such as Time-Of Use tariffs, allowing you to charge your battery overnight with cheap energy, and Grid Trading giving you the opportunity to sell your energy which will be credited to you against your energy bills, battery storage has become a sophisticated, intelligent essential part of your home energy system.

Battery Storage

Energy Independence

The benefits of battery storage

Save more money

By using stored solar energy in the evenings or when the sun isn’t shining, you will not need to draw as much energy from your supplier, saving you even more money on your bills.


With a solar battery storage system, you are taking a step closer to energy independence and futureproofing your home against impending issues such as brownouts and blackouts.

Protection from price hikes

Energy suppliers are continually hiking their prices. Indeed, they have been increasing at eight times the rate of earnings. By using your self-generated solar energy in the day and stored energy when the sun isn’t shining, you will be drawing less energy from your supplier.

Future protection

Battery software can be updated over the air, so as technology continues to develop, you will know that your investment will keep on improving with time.

Maximise solar energy

If you are exporting more than expected, due to being out during the day or low energy usage in general, then you are effectively exporting your investment in solar energy. Using stored energy will allow you to maximise on the solar energy that you have generated.

Time-of-use Tariffs

Some batteries have the ability to charge from the grid, making use of low-rate Time-Of-Use tariffs and providing a cheap alternative to drawing from the grid in winter months when your solar may not be producing as much.

Solar Plants

How battery storage works

Maximise your self-consumption


During the day, solar panels on your roof turn sunlight into DC electricity.


A battery controller sends unused generation to your battery for when required.


The battery controller automatically draws energy from the battery when you need it.


Set your battery to automatically charge your EV overnight or to top up with cheap overnight rates.

Battery storage

Our recommended technology

A variety of battery options to suit every home


With a minimum lifespan of 10,000 charging cycles, this modular system can be specifically sized to fit your needs and will automatically adjust the energy usage in your household.

Tesla Powerwall 2

A powerful 13.5kWh capacity and the ability to charge from the grid, the Powerwall from Tesla is the most efficient battery currently available.

Tesla Powerwall 2

A powerful 13.5kWh capacity and the ability to charge from the grid, the Powerwall from Tesla is the most efficient battery currently available.


This modular, cost-effective system from one of the leading brands in Lithium technology will deliver increased savings on your energy bill.

“Solar Plants have been courteous and very efficient and I would recommend them every time. I can monitor online both the inverter and the battery and see what is going on at any moment of the day which is very satisfying”

– Jane Mann

Solar Plants

Assisting your enquiry

Technical survey

Whether you have solar PV already or you are looking at a solar/storage solution, our Energy Advisers will fully assess your property with a view to providing a best-in-class technology solution.

Performance analysis

If you have solar already, our experts will look at self-consumption, consumption and export levels and will assess whether battery storage would be able to provide further savings and a return on investment.

Personal advice

With specialised, sophisticated software, we will be able to take all of your energy data to determine usage trends, providing you with a personalised energy chart to help advise on the perfect storage system for you.