Energy Independence

Optimise Your Solar PV with Battery Storage

Solar batteries are designed to capture the surplus energy usually exported to the grid, storing it for use later in the day to save you from buying in electricity when the sun isn’t shining at c15p kWh!

A powerful addition to the family

Here are some of the benefits of including a quality solar storage battery from Solar Plants to your PV system

A powerful addition to the family

Here are some of the benefits of including a quality solar storage battery from Solar Plants to your PV system


Save even more money on your energy bills

By using stored solar energy in the evenings or when the sun isn’t shining, you will not need to draw as much energy from your supplier saving you even more money on your bills.

Self Sustain

Less dependence on the national grid

We hear in the news about the current condition of the National Grid and the potential of brown-outs due to the uncertain future of energy supply.  Thankfully with a solar storage system, you are taking a step closer to energy independence and getting your home future-ready against these impending issues.

You’ll be less affected by price hikes

Energy suppliers are continually putting their prices up. Indeed they have been increasing at eight times the rate of earnings.  By using your self-generated solar energy in the day, and stored energy when the sun isn’t shining, you will be drawing less energy from your supplier and will, therefore, be less affected by energy price rises.


Maximise your Solar PV installation

If you are exporting more than expected due to being out during the day or low energy usage in general, then you are effectively exporting your investment in solar energy.  Using stored energy will allow you to maximise the consumption of your self-generated energy and give less away.

Interested in maximising your Solar installation? Get in touch with our storage advisers now.

How battery storage works



Solar panels turn ambient light into DC electricity


A battery controller sends unused generation to your battery


Your battery will store excess energy in readiness for when required


The battery controller draws energy from the battery when required

“My electricity bill was just £4 in June and £6 in July 2016 – yes our battery is certainly working well for us!

— Mrs Bennett

We’re UK’s first installer of the Tesla Powerwall

Working with solar technology giant SolarEdge, Solar Plants installed the first ever Tesla Powerwall in the UK in a customer’s house in Cardiff.  Read about it in ‘The Guardian’.

The perfect solution to managing your energy needs

There are times during the day that you will maximise solar energy production, and peak times you will use energy.

Most households peak use tends to be in the mornings and late afternoon/evenings. In winter months, there is little or no daylight at these times. Reversely, when the system is operating at its maximum, households are usually unable to make full use of all the electricity that is being generated and therefore it is sent to the grid.

A storage system saves the unused daytime peak energy for when you home needs it the most, maximising your consumption of the clean energy you generate.

Check out the detailed annual stats for the first Tesla Powerwall in the UK!

The science behind storage

Since the explosion of storage technology, there is now a large selection of battery storage systems available;  AC coupled, DC coupled, Lithium Ion, Lead Acid, Indoor, Outdoor, with back-up, without back-up, floor mounted, wall mounted, sleek, ugly, expensive, cheap, powerful, small, large… and breathe!  Let us take the hassle out of selecting the perfect system for you.

The Solar Plants Process


Conduct a technical survey of your property


Analyse the performance of your pv system


Determine trends in your energy usage

Expert advice, not a sales team

Sizing the right system for your requirements is something that our energy advisers do every day.  They will consider your lifestyle, your property, your current energy usage and solar performance to design a storage system that will perfectly suit your needs.   Indeed, if we believe that a storage system would not be of benefit to you, we will not be recommending one!

About Us

Solar Plants are award winning, national installers of solar and storage technology.  A family business, we have been in operation since 2011 and have installed over 6,000 domestic and commercial systems.  We are the only installer in the UK that have both panel and inverter test rigs, and we only recommend the best performing, future proofed technology with robust warranties to protect for the long term.

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