Go solar and generate your own clean energy this summer!

Solar Plants has helped over 8,000 homeowners achieve energy efficiency with solar PV. Solar is more popular than ever before, allowing homeowners to participate in the clean energy transition so urgently needed to tackle climate change. And as energy prices continue to rocket in price, more people are looking for a cost-effective solution to have independence from the National Grid.

Join the fight against climate change

Do your bit for the planet

The average Solar Plants customer will save over 45 tonnes of CO2 over a period of 30 years! That’s equivalent to:

  • Saving the amount of fuel it takes to get around the equator 3.5 times!


  • Eliminating the need to burn 39,000 pounds of coal!

Solar energy powered 27.1% of the UK at midday this April bank holiday!


How solar panels work

It’s simple!

1 – During the day, solar panels on your roof turn sunlight into DC electricity.

2 – An inverter changes the DC electricity to AC for use in your home.

3 – This energy will power your appliances immediately instead of drawing from the National Grid.

4 – Any excess energy you generate will either be sent back to the grid or can be stored for when the sun isn’t shining!


Myth: “Solar panels only work when it’s sunny, what about the winter months?!”

Although solar panels will work better during summer due to longer daylight hours, they are powered from ambient daylight and therefore generate energy all year round, including the winter months!

Solar Plants customer, Caroline, emailed in to tell us that her estimated energy usage had dropped by 57% last winter, a huge saving on those expensive electricity bills. With intelligent battery storage technology, you can also store excess energy for evening use and those long winter evenings.

If you would like to go solar in time for summer or you just have a question for our team, you can use the Live Chat option or click here to contact us via our web enquiry form.