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Hi I’m Lily, the Marketing Officer at Solar Plants. Since joining Solar Plants nearly 3 years ago, I have become a huge advocate for being green and doing my bit for the planet no matter how big or small, because one small action made by every single person will result in a huge difference worldwide! I would love for you to join in with our Green Week campaign by making your pledge below!

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From March 18th – March 24th, we are holding the Solar Plants Green Week – a week of blogs, ideas, facts and news to inspire you to make a change for the planet. This change could be as small as taking your own plastic bags to the supermarket, cutting out single-use plastic or reducing food waste, to looking into alternative clean energy for your home or considering a more vegetarian diet. We are aiming to get 500 people to make a pledge before the end of March. We would love for you to join us in this campaign!

So far this week, we have posted Market Monday – about the ways that you can shop more environmentally friendly and reduce your carbon emissions through your diet and shopping habits. Tuesday’s blog looks at the greener alternative to work with a Transport Tuesday Q&A blog with EV owner, John. Our Wednesday blog, Workplace Wednesday, includes ideas that you can be more eco-conscious in work. For Thursday’s theme, we’ve published a blog which details some of the great ways that you can make thrifty savings on your bills whilst also contributing towards helping the environment – win win! Friday’s blog covers the future of the planet including the current climate strikes from the younger generation. We’ll be posting new content every day, so make sure you like our social media pages to be kept up to date! 

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You can use Live Chat in the bottom right corner of our website to chat to our Energy Advisers about your ideas to go green and to get more information about going solar!