Social Energy

Putting the power back into your hands!

The revolution has begun and Solar Plants are spearheading energy independence with energy provider, Social Energy.

Together, we provide the technology and trading platform to ensure that customers get the full financial benefit and maximum savings from their investment, without giving energy away for free!

After being monopolised and controlled by the big 6 for so long, it’s time to show them that together we can take back control.

Disrupting traditional energy

70% cheaper electricity

Social Energy is a disrupter brand in the energy market and like your current energy provider, they will supply energy to your home at a price per unit.  The key difference is that Social Energy will help you save and earn more money by unlocking the potential of your PV system through the storing and trading of your generated energy.

Their super smart app-based system allows you to take control of your energy trading and is designed in such a way that can save you up to 70% on your current electricity bill.

Smart Devices

Social Energy app

Download our easy to use app, to manage your Social Energy home. Monitor your usage, battery, spend and trading from anywhere in the world. Available on all devices including Desktop, smartphones and smartwatches.

Social Energy

Monitor anywhere

600 Million Data Points per year, 100 Thousand Energy Trades, up to 70% Saving on Electric, 95% AI Trade Prediction Accuracy.

With average savings of £226 per year, we think it’s time to join the energy revolution.

How it works

Solar Panels

Battery Storage & SE Hub

SE Supply

Energy Trading

Bill Credits

1. Join the Social Energy platform

Linking you to all of Social Energy’s customers, their solar and their solar storage, giving you access to clean, PV self-generated energy 24/7.  Think of it as a power station in the sky!

2. Install complimentary technology

As a Social Energy partner, we will supply and fit approved battery technology, with a Social Energy hub alongside your solar PV.  It’s your stored excess energy that you will be able to use or trade at your convenience.

3. Start trading

Don’t let this scare you!  The Social Energy trading platform is completely autonomous, but you will still have control over your system.  You get a simple app so that you can take as little or as much control as you want.

4. Enjoy your rewards

The benefits of solar and storage will be immediate, saving you even more money on your bills, however, if you have traded any of your stored energy, you will get an additional credit against your energy bill every three months resulting in up to a 70% reduction in your bills.

Start your money saving journey now

Expert advice

Award-winning service

If you are thinking about having solar installed, or you currently have solar PV and are looking for battery storage, then Social Energy may be the perfect way to maximise your investment for life.

Our award-winning Energy Advisers have many years of solar PV and storage experience and after your initial enquiry, can conduct a site visit and calculate exactly how much you are likely to generate, save, store and trade – and will leave you with a full, detailed quote and projection to help you decide whether Social Energy would benefit you.

An introduction

Who are Social Energy?

Developed over 5 years by a board of entrepreneurs, who are already responsible for over £1 Billion of global trade, Social Energy are revolutionising the $9.1 trillion energy industry, by empowering homes and businesses across the world to take back control of their energy supply.

Through their ground-breaking AI-powered platform and energy storage, customers reduce their electricity bills by up to 70%* and gain access to 100% renewable energy when they join the Social Energy Network.


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