Tell me about your role and when you first started at Solar Plants?

I began at Solar Plants about 5 years ago and I run the off-grid and hybrid energy storage department. I design and install renewable energy power systems at domestic, commercial and utility-scale premises for both grid-tied and off-grid situations.

There are many people who live in homes without a power connection. I design bespoke systems using solar, wind and battery technology so that they have their own little power station and can generate their own energy.

How has Solar Plants changed since you first started?

Solar Plants is expanding each and every day, maintaining leadership at the centre of cutting edge of new storage technologies. We are always researching the market and continuously testing new technology on our own company test rigs which has allowed us to expand to the UK-wide business that we are today!

What is your proudest moment at Solar Plants?

My proudest moment with the company was being a part of Swansea University’s “off-grid” classroom, which I designed and installed with Swansea University and Specific IKC. The classroom utilises cutting edge salt water battery (Aquion) technology and some very interesting electrics and new generation thin-film solar technology! Also, it allowed me to work alongside industry leaders from TATA steel and BIPV.


What have you gained from working at Solar Plants?

Joining such a well established and respected company like Solar Plants is a dream job for me, allowing me to offer more self-sufficient energy to clients across the UK by implementing some of the market leading technical advances within the industry. 

What are 3 words to describe Solar Plants?

A dream job!


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