Keep your solar panels clean

with Bristol’s number one window cleaning company!

It’s important to keep solar panels clean in order to prevent any shading which could result in losses of generation and income.

We have a large customer base around the Bristol area and we wanted to give a personal recommendation to one of our very own customer’s window cleaning businesses – Stayclean Window Cleaning.

The family-run business have been window cleaners since 1997, building a great rapport with all customers, and as a result, still have many window cleaning contracts from when they first began. Stayclean Window Cleaning can ensure that your windows and solar panels are cleaned thoroughly as little or as often as you wish, removing dirt, bird mess, algae, etc.

Some solar PV owners decide to purchase maintenance packages, however this isn’t necessary! We have written a full blog about maintenance packages, but in summary, they tend to cost a lot of money and do not warranty any existing technology.

If your system is wired in series, dirt on your panels may significantly affect your generation; where if one panel is shaded, your whole system will be restricted to the lowest performing panel, so it’s definitely important to keep your panels clean. 

Here at Solar Plants, we only install market leading SolarEdge technology which includes a 20-year warranty on the latest high-performance SolarEdge HD Wave inverter. We will also attach Power Optimisers, with a 25-year warranty, to the back of each panel, allowing the system to work to its maximum efficiency. So if one panel is slightly shaded from dirt, the other panels in the system will continue to work to their maximum output.

If you are an existing customer of Solar Plants, you will already be enjoying the benefits of SolarEdge technology. If you are not a Solar Plants customer, contact us today to find out more about upgrading your existing solar PV system.