Life after Green Week

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Hi, I’m Lily, the Marketing Officer at Solar Plants! I hope you enjoyed all of the blogs, graphics, news and social media content during Green Week.

I had the idea for Green Week a little while ago and since the Marketing team recently grew in numbers, with a new pair of graphic design hands on board to help create all of the graphics and images for Green Week, it was great to finally put my idea into motion! I’m sure you’ll agree that all of the graphics looked amazing thanks to new team member, Chris!

Transport Tuesday’s amazing infographic!

The aim of Green Week

I really wanted to raise awareness of the importance of being more kind to the planet and get everybody involved in a fun and interactive way, whilst also raising some important and quite scary issues and statistics. From the school strikes demanding climate action to awareness of the single-use plastic crisis being brought by amazing documentaries such as Blue Planet and news articles with some really alarming headlines, there is SO much within the media lately which I really think is sparking conversations which need to be had across the world; in our homes, schools and business’.

Air pollution killing nearly as many people as smoking in Britain

– Telegraph

School climate strikes: 1.4 million people took part, say campaigners

– The Guardian

Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970, report finds

– The Guardian

Dead whale washed up in Philippines had 40kg of plastic bags in its stomach

– The Guardian

Get involved

Make a pledge to the planet

My target to reach 500 pledges before the end of March is still in action and it would be great to make your pledge below if you haven’t already. I was worried that when people saw the word ‘pledge’ they might think that we were asking for money but that’s not the case at all! We simply want you to make one promise to the planet to just be a little bit more green, no matter how big or small that promise might be.

How Solar Plants got involved in Green Week

During Green Week I seemed to just be manically updating social media and sharing as much content around the office as I could – I think everyone got pretty fed up with me by the end of the week! But, this definitely paid off! Solar Plants Director, Leanne and family, were inspired to give up meat for the week, with the aim of doing ‘Meat-Free Monday’ going forward. As the week went on, Leanne said that she felt her usual cravings for chicken or steak were gone and after reading about the huge environmental impact that eating meat has on the planet, she has now decided to become a pescetarian for good! We celebrated Leanne’s birthday on the weekend, here she is with her ‘pescy’ (as we’ve all been calling it) dinner!

Olly’s electric bike!

Oliver also recently built an electric bike, which he rode to work all week during Green Week! We’re going to be covering his new toy in another blog quite soon so keep an eye out for that.

Dress-Down Friday!

We also held a ‘Dress-Down Friday’ charity event in the office and raised money for Surfers Against Sewage, a marine conservation and campaigning charity inspiring, uniting & empowering communities to protect oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife.

I think that when you work in the renewable industry, you automatically become more conscious about the planet and this is certainly true for me. I’m constantly researching for blogs and content writing and seeing daily headlines about the devastating impact of climate change really makes me feel like I have a personal responsibility to act. I love the quote “The biggest danger to the planet is to think someone else will save it” and I truly believe that we all need to contribute, no matter how small the change you might be willing to make. If everybody made a small change, the impact would be monumental for the future of our planet.

The biggest danger to the planet is to think someone else will save it.

Get Involved

Take the Pledge!

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