Tell me about your role and when you started at Solar Plants.

I am the Sales Manager at Solar Plants overseeing various different departments within the company including; our Self-Build and Renovation Department, online live chat service and agricultural show teams to name a few, as well as training and coaching all new starters within the sales department.

I started at the company around 3 and a half years ago in an entry-level role, where every new starter in the sales department starts. The company is passionate about promoting from within, learning about the strengths of each individual and promoting them to the role that is best suited to their potential. All management at the company started at an entry-level role, this has created a fantastic environment to work in, where the management knows the roles of everyone as they have been there, and done it themselves. Fortunately, for myself, by working hard I was acknowledged by Solar Plants and this has allowed me to obtain a career whilst progressing personally as well. I was promoted to Assistant Manager of Sales at the beginning of 2016. By September 2016 I was then Manager of sales. I’ve enjoyed every second of it.

Has Solar Plants changed since you first started?

Yes, absolutely, within my time as a Manager especially. The growth of the company has been tremendous; with a lot of new products and campaigns coming into fruition. With a rapidly growing industry and technological advancements happening all the time, new departments have opened and it has been a rewarding challenge to help them from startup to where they are today. It used to be one big department when I first took over, with everyone doing a similar job, now it is now made up of several different departments, which creates different opportunities and a better, tailored service for our customers.

What is your proudest moment at Solar Plants?

Definitely being promoted to Manager of Sales. It was an immensely proud moment of mine. I was overwhelmed with the confidence the company had in me as a person to be put into such an important role.

What have you gained from working at Solar Plants?

Professionally, I have gained a career, long-term prospects, stability, and a healthy work-life balance. As well as being proud of who I say I work for, I love the industry and the strides the company make to ensure our customers have the best performing products, with the longest warranties, and a first-class installation, which is fantastic to see. I firmly believe we are the best, and most trusted installer of solar PV and battery storage in the UK. When you are proud of who you work for it means your happy in your job which is a huge benefit to anyone!

Personally, I have grown as a person and have a much stronger and positive attitude towards my work as well as life in general than I did when entering the company, the company has genuinely made me a happier person. I have also made friends for life here.

What are 3 words to describe Solar Plants?

Family, fun and rewarding.