Tell me about your role and when you started at Solar Plants.

I started at Solar Plants around 5 years ago, initially educating the public on solar PV and how existing solar owners could upgrade their system. I have now been a part of the Self Build and Renovation Department for over 2 years. It’s a great role and I love hearing about all of the amazing self build and renovation projects that people are planning. Part of my role is to go out to different self build shows across the country, which are always extremely busy but really rewarding!

Has Solar Plants changed since you first started?

Yes, it’s changed a lot! The company has grown massively and the self-build market is a huge part of our company now which I’m so proud to be a part of. There is also loads of new products and advancements within the industry such as solar tiles and it’s great when we launch new products. As many self-builders journeys can often be over a long period of time, we manage to build really good relationships with them and get to know them on a personal level which is great.

What is your proudest moment at Solar Plants?

My proudest moment at Solar Plants was winning an award at our annual Christmas Awards Ceremony a couple of years ago at Cardiff Millenium Stadium.

What have you gained from working at Solar Plants?

As well as continually learning about the industry each and everyday, I’ve gained some loyal friends. It’s great going to different shows across the UK with, not just colleagues, but real friends.

What are 3 words to describe Solar Plants?

Interesting, motivating and secure.