Meet the team: Nicky

This weekend, we’re introducing you to Solar Plants team member, Nicky!

If you have contacted us about upgrading your existing solar PV system, you may have spoken with Nicky already, or if you’re thinking of contacting us about upgrading, it may well be Nicky to chat with you! Nicky is also a part of our Live Chat team so can assist with enquiries instantly online too.



Tell me about when you first started at Solar Plants.

I first started at Solar Plants back in late 2014, so coming up to 5 years now. It’s flown by as the industry and company are constantly developing and changing so there are always new projects to work on, new products coming to market and as everyone is such a close family group, every day is rewarding.

My role mainly involves speaking with customers who want to upgrade an existing solar PV system. Often, they have a broken inverter or there is a fault with their system and they are opting to upgrade their system with us to a SolarEdge system. We have upgraded over 5,000 systems now across the UK!

Has Solar Plants changed since you first started?

Solar Plants has changed a lot since I started! It used to be just a small organisation in Swansea but has now expanded to the nation’s leading installer of solar PV in the UK. As a long-standing employee of Solar Plants, to see the company develop and be so successful is genuinely so fulfilling.


What is your proudest moment at Solar Plants?

My proudest moments at Solar Plants is whenever you’re made employee of the month. It’s really great to be recognised for being dedicated to your role and putting in hard work. Having a supportive team and management behind you is really great.

What have you gained from working at Solar Plants?

I would say I have gained a lot of skills since joining, maybe too many to mention! But for me, maybe the most most important would be my confidence. Chatting to so many different people from across the UK at shows, events or on the phone is really rewarding and builds your confidence a lot.

What are 3 words to describe Solar Plants?

Fun, friendly and fulfilling