Meet the team: Oliver

This week, we’re introducing you to the Managing Director, Oliver.

Tell me about when you first started at Solar Plants.

Solar Plants began in 2011 as a family business. My father, Tom, was looking for a solar energy solution for his home but he was unable to find a reliable installer with a quality product to offer, prompting him to do his own research. After finding a Spanish company who agreed to supply him with the panels in the UK, friends and family members became intrigued and before we knew it, we had a solar PV installation company on our hands!

Myself, my wife, Leanne, and my business partner, Daniel, all joined in to direct the company and the combination of a strong team managed to drive Solar Plants forward to the award-winning, nationwide company that it is today.

Has Solar Plants changed since you first started?

Massively! It really is amazing to see how the company has grown from the small family business that it first started as, to be the UK’s leading solar PV installer! When we first started there was just a few of us in a small office premise and now we have a team of over 70, with installations right up to Scotland. We genuinely never envisaged that Solar Plants was going to turn in to what it has become.

What is your proudest moment at Solar Plants?

I have a few! I’m so very proud of what has been achieved and absolutely delighted that we have kept the company ethos of putting the customer first. I think that as you grow from a small family business to a huge industry leader, it might be easy to let those values slide, but we have always kept this at the heart of everything that we do. A recent Trustpilot review from a customer highlighted how they felt like they were now part of the Solar Plants family and I really cherish hearing feedback like that.

Another amazing moment for me was winning Best UK Business at the UK Business Awards. During the final prize announcement, we were all chatting and just enjoying the evening, completely oblivious to the fact it could be possible for Solar Plants to win – and we did! With competition from huge UK brands such as Aldi, O2 and Virgin Money, it just felt completely surreal but with a strong, passionate and driven team, anything is possible.

What have you gained from working at Solar Plants?

The solar industry was pretty new for me when the business first began and now we have a business which has completed many industry firsts such as the largest salt-water batteries at Swansea University and installing the UK’s first Tesla Powerwall. The industry is always quickly developing so being at the forefront of that has taught me a lot.

What are 3 words to describe Solar Plants?

Fast-paced, unique and awesome!