Sustainable Off-Grid Energy

Sustainable Off
-Grid Energy

Sustainable Off-Grid Energy

Standing on your own two feet

Whether you are upgrading a current off-grid system or self-building an off-grid home, Solar Plants’ team are here to relieve the stress of sizing, choosing and installing the right technology for your requirements.

Our experts have many years experience designing bespoke off-grid solar, storage and hybrid systems for hundreds of customers throughout the UK and are just a phone call away from helping you benefit from their experience.

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More than just energy

Reliability for peace of mind

Our off-grid solar/storage systems come with robust, long-term warranties and detailed online monitoring to give remote and immediate access for troubleshooting.

Stop burning money

Why use dirty, noisy and expensive diesel generators, when you could benefit from clean, renewable, reliable electricity to adequately power your home, forever.

Free yourself

No electricity bills!  No energy price hikes! No expensive fossil fuel deliveries!  An off-grid solar PV system allows you to be free to generate and manage your own personal supply of energy.

Convenience you never had

Our systems are entirely automated, so once installed you will never have to worry about turning your power on and off.

Protect yourself

By choosing Solar Plants you can take confidence in the fact that your money, your technology and our workmanship is guaranteed and protected.

The world will thank you

Solar/storage off-grid systems are eco-friendly and will reduce your carbon footprint, helping you to do your bit for the environment.

How it works



Installed Solar PV panels either on your roof or ground mounted, convert ambient light into DC electricity.


Efficient and powerful Lithium Ion batteries store excess unused energy for use when the sun isn’t shining.


Solar charge controllers and inverters manage the generation, supply and storage of your off-grid energy, and provides detailed online reporting.


You benefit from clean, automated, future-proofed, reliable energy – forever.

Meet our specialists

Solar Plants’ off-grid engineers are industry leading experts with unrivalled experience of installing solar and storage technology.  The team are supported by our in-house roofers and installers to ensure a quality installation at all levels.

The team is headed by Ian Hewson, a qualified electrician who has been designing and installing hybrid off-grid systems for 20 years.

Off-grid classroom

This is the UK’s first off-grid classroom that generates more power than it uses.  Working with industry giants TATA steel and solar innovators Specific, the Solar Plants off-grid team, headed by Ian Hewson, designed and installed the solar to storage connectivity on Swansea University’s campus.

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About us

Solar Plants are award winning, national installers of solar and storage technology.  A family business, we have been in operation since 2011 and have installed over 6,000 domestic and commercial systems.  We are the only installer in the UK that have both panel and inverter test rigs, and we only recommend the best performing, future proofed technology with robust warranties to protect for the long term.

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