Make even more from your solar!

There are plenty of money saving gadgets that can be added to your solar to help maximise your self-consumption and save you even more money on your energy bill. We can install these at the same time as your solar panels to help minimise disruption and to increase your savings from the moment you start producing!

Voltage Optimiser

Voltage optimisation systems are a proven, reliable and cost effective way to deliver immediate and significant savings in electricity consumption and costs for your home.

They also protect electrical household appliances, extending their operating life; they reduce maintenance requirements and increase household appliance efficiency; they also offer protection from electrical surges and reduces the frequency with which appliances need to be replaced.

Integrating a voltage optimiser with your solar will maximise the benefits of your installation.

Why have it?

✓    You will benefit from average annual savings of c£150

✓    Protects electrical appliances from electrical surges

✓    Prolongs the life of your appliances

✓    Get more out of your solar PV

Solar Hot Water Immersion Controller

A solar immersion controller is a fully automatic intelligent device which connects wirelessly to your existing immersion heater and heats your hot water for free using the surplus energy that you would normally export to the grid.

Why have it?

✓    Use almost all of your generated energy

✓    Pays for itself in about 3 years or less, and with oil fired heating has payback below 2 years.

✓    Not be adversely affected by energy inflation and price hikes

✓    Save money off your energy bills

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are the future of heating management for your home and are compatible with both gas, oil or wood fired boilers. You can use your smart device to control your heating, or programme the easy to use thermostat itself.

Why have it?

✓    up to 37% less energy to heat your home

✓    Easy to set up and self-learning

✓    Increased home comfort through intelligent temperature control (Auto Adapt) based on the outdoor temperature and your home’s insulation.

✓    Use your smart phone to control your heating in and away from your home

Modbus Meter

A Modbus is clever gadget that will allow you to monitor in detail solar production, self-consumption of solar energy and consumption of grid-fed energy. It also tells you how much you are giving back to the National Grid.

By accessing this information you will be able to make informed decisions about ways you can increase your use of the solar energy you are generating, by either changing usage habits or by adding other products, for example solar storage (batteries) or power diverter technology. The end game of course is to not give any of your energy back to the grid!

Why have it?

✓    Save even more money

✓    Send less energy back to the national grid

✓    Detailed reporting integrates seamlessly with SolarEdge monitoring

✓    Will not affect your generation or export tariff payments

Bird Protection

Bird mess can really affect the performance of your solar PV, especially if your system is wired in series and the inverter limits the voltage to that of the lowest performing panel! But of course, with a sharp eye and a willingness to pay for regular cleans, damage can be mitigated.

The real issue, however, is when birds decide to nest under your panels. They not only make a mess that you cannot access, but they nibble on, and loosen, your panels’ wiring. This damage can cause your whole system to shut down.

We can install mesh wiring that prevents bird nesting and rodents from taking a liking to your wiring.

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