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Choose a solar PV specialist for your roof replacement

Solar PV is a low maintenance and long-lasting investment. But, if you need to replace or repair your roof, what should you do?


We are now providing an all-inclusive roofing package for solar PV owners. Our installation team consists of both qualified electricians and roofers, allowing us to complete jobs safely and of a high standard.

As experts in both solar PV and roofing, you can be assured that your home is in our safe hands. Our installation team are trained to work in both renewables and re-roofing, ensuring a quality, expert finish.


In contrast, many roofing companies wouldn’t, and don’t know how to work with solar PV. They would likely lack the accreditation to work with highly dangerous DC electricity and the experience to complete the re-installation of the system safely.

Our all-inclusive package means a homeowner with solar PV can have a high-quality new roof completed by a company with expert knowledge in solar technology.

This allows homeowners to have everything completed by one company, meaning the system will be re-installed to health & safety standards as well as guaranteeing the system’s warranties aren’t void.

It also means a homeowner has the option of re-installing the solar PV as an integrated system, resulting in a modern home improvement which will sit flush with your new roof. You can also save on the costs of roofing materials for space which the panels adopt. This saving is really significant, especially if you are considering a material like Welsh slate.

Your system will continue to provide your home with free, clean electricity. Technology in the renewable energy sector is constantly improving. This allows for more affordable and efficient technology. 

Renewable experts and roofing specialists

Over 8,000 happy customers

We have established ourselves as an award-winning solar PV installer nationally. By offering high-quality products and services, we have grown from a family business to a leader in the UK solar PV market.

We are a Confederation of Roofing Contractors (CORC) approved contractor offering a fully guaranteed re-roofing service. This is as well as being accredited by the Microgeneration Contractors Scheme (MCS) as a solar PV installer. All of our workmanship is warrantied for 10 years, with an option to upgrade to 20 years.

With over 8,000 customers nationwide, our in-house team of installers are highly experienced. All of our roofers are professionally trained, which is continued throughout their careers at Solar Plants. They have handled and worked with a variety of roofing materials and accessories.


A fresh new look for your solar PV system


Whether you choose for an on-roof or in-roof re-installation, you are choosing a company which specialises in solar PV. There is a demand for this type of service. Currently, a homeowner with solar PV only has the option of a regular roofing company, who may reject the job, mishandle the panels or outsource and use an electrician to re-install the system.

As specialists in solar PV, we understand what is required when installing solar panels. With a team of in-house roofers, we can complete the re-roof of a property and re-installation of a system without having to sacrifice the validity of any existing warranties.

Being an insurance backed company, in both roofing and solar PV, you are always protected when we complete work to the roof. We can’t fit and forget because we are both audited and have a reputation to maintain.

We are also a lead installer of other relevant technologies. We can check your system and restore or replace any parts which may be damaged, for example. You may want to consider bird-proofing the system or even upgrading it to gain a greater return on the Feed-In Tariff scheme.

The option of integrating your panels will help to reduce roofing costs and improve the aesthetics of the system. You would also benefit by having a water-tight installation which can not be affected by rodents or birds attracted to the heat.

Future-proofing your home

We always encourage our existing customers to come back and ask us about anything. And what to do when needing a re-roof has become such a common question, we wanted to provide a solution.

You have already made a great choice by investing in solar PV. You don’t need to choose between a new roof and a safe, functioning system. We can provide you with a high-quality standard of a new roof, whilst simultaneously re-installing the panels in the best, safest way. You are protecting your investment whilst vitally replacing the roof or repairing the property.

We provide quotations for our all-inclusive roof replacement packages free of charge and under no obligation. Enquire today to get more information or use Live Chat to speak to the team.