Everlasting Energy
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The New Foundation of Your New Home

Over half of all self-build projects now install renewable technology as a way of future-proofing their new home against spiralling energy costs, and to off-set the cost of their investment with lifetime energy savings and a 20 year, guaranteed, tax free income.

If you are considering the same, planning the integration of renewable energy technology at the start of your project will ensure that it happens seamlessly as part of the overall build, and that it fits aesthetically within your design plans. In addition, you will be able to maximise cost savings for example, by using scaffolding structures already on site and reducing roofing materials by seamlessly integrating PV technology into your roof design.

Our energy advisers understand that researching the best renewable technologies to use can be a bit of a minefield, and that you probably have enough on your plate to think about.

So when you are ready, we will bring to you our extensive knowledge of the technology, and get an understanding of your project plans and future energy requirements. We will then propose the best performing and value for money technology for your needs.

Once you choose to go solar with us, then you can leave all the hard work to our dedicated self-build project manager, who has years of experience in working with contractors to ensure a seamless and hassle free installation.


Save up to 75% off your energy Bill

A solar PV system will generate plenty of free energy for you to use. The more solar energy you can use in the day to power your home, the less you will need to draw from the national grid saving you hundreds of pounds a year.

Free Energy For Life

By using your free generated electricity you are protecting yourself against energy price hikes and the current energy crisis.

Generate a Tax Free Income

Currently the Government will pay you for generating your own electricity, whether you use it or not! At current rates a 4kWp solar PV array achieves a return of approx. 6%*, better than what the banks are offering for sure!

Increase The Value of Your Home

Buying a property with free daytime electricity and a regular income is a highly attractive proposition for any buyer.

Become More Self-Sufficient

Let’s face it, we all begrudge energy suppliers dictating how much we pay! Installing a solar PV system is the first step to being self-sufficient, and with other bolt on energy saving products like solar batteries and immersion switches, along with other renewable technologies there are a number of ways to ensure that your home is protected for the long-term.

Its Great For The Environment

Once installed, your solar PV system will not produce any carbon emissions, unlike burning fossil fuels for your energy! It’s great to do your bit for the environment.


Finance Options For All Budgets

Due to our outstanding reputation, we are privileged to have partnered with Shawbrook Bank to offer a number of flexible alternatives to help spread the cost of your system through manageably monthly payments.


It Starts With The Sun

During the day, solar panels on your roof turns sunlight into DC electricity

DC to AC

An inverter changes the DC electricity to AC for use in your home

Grid Be Gone

You use this energy to power your appliances immediately instead of drawing energy from the national grid

Save It Or Sell It

Any excess energy you generate will either be sent back to the grid or can be stored for when the sun isn’t shining!

“Please feed back to the team that the installation went well – in fact out of the whole house build, you were one of the very few suppliers who delivered what they promised, and when!”

Mr and Mrs Slater

From start to finish the service from Solar Plants was first class. The individuals with whom I had contact at head office and those who carried out the work were exceptional in the service they gave and in the work they carried out. Solar Plants kept me well informed throughout and delivered on time what they had promised. Better than many other companies with whom I have done business. Well done and keep it up.

Mr Poole


A quality solar PV system from Solar Plants starts from as little as £5,800 excluding battery storage, and up to £13,000 with storage depending on technology chosen, plus VAT of just 5%.

Due to our outstanding reputation, we are privileged to have partnered with Shawbrook Bank to offer a number of flexible alternatives to help spread the cost of your system through manageably monthly payments.

You could benefit from competitive interest rates and the freedom to clear the balance outstanding without penalty.

Flexible Finance Plan

  • Low monthly payments.
  • Choose a repayment term to suit you (up to 10 years).
  • Only pay interest on remaining balance.
  • No penalty for early repayment.
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3 Months Deferred Plan

  • Pay nothing for 3 months.

  • Use your accrued savings and tariff payments to reduce your monthly payments.

  • Only pay interest on remaining balance.

  • No penalty for early repayment.

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The Generation Tariff

The electricity produced by your system will be sent through a ‘generation meter’ which records in kWh what has been generated. You will be paid an amount for every kWh you generate whether you use it or not. This is known as GENERATION Tariff.



The Export Tariff

To maximise your savings, use as much of the energy you produce as you can so that you do not have to draw from the grid. Any energy you do not use will be sent back to the national grid. You will be paid an EXPORT tariff based on 50% of what you generate, even if you don’t export any!



Quarterly Meter Reading

Send your quarterly generation meter reading to your energy supplier so that they can process your payment. Choose to be paid by cheque or payment directly into your bank account. Every year, for 20 years, your Feed-In Tariff will increase in line with RPI and is paid TAX FREE.




Example Solar Payback Analysis

Both the Feed-In Tariff and energy savings provide a healthy return on investment:

Cost of system: £5600

Yr 1 savings and Feed-In Tariff: £285
Yr 10 cumulative savings and Feed-In Tariff: £5565
Yr 20 cumulative savings and Feed-In Tariff: £16,356

Break even year 10
Net profit: £10,856
ROI: 9.5%

*based on a 4kWp system in South Wales, South facing, pitch 35degrees, shading factor 1, electricity tariff 15p kWh.



Nationwide Recognition For Your Peace Of Mind

In addition to our industry accreditations, you can relax knowing that by choosing Solar Plants you will be working with a multi-award-winning quality company renown for installing market leading, future ready technology.

We continually test all recommended products on our panel and inverter (and soon battery storage) test rigs, to ensure optimum performance in our local environment.

We have a department that continually monitors over 4,000 of our customers systems to ensure they are operating at maximum capacity and that there are no system faults. We do this completely free of charge, helping them protect their investment for the long term. As a result of this technology, we are currently replacing 200 inferior systems a month fitted by other installers.

We only use our highly trained installation crew, comprised of qualified roofers and electricians to ensure a quality finish. As a result we are currently rated 9.3 out of 10 for service on leading independent review website TrustPilot.


The Next Steps

For an immediate proposal and indicative price, please contact us now, after a short discussion with our self-build/restoration experts we can send you detailed information.

When you are ready to progress your plans, then a member of our team will schedule an appointment to see you, discuss the options available and guide you through the process of installation.

You will be left will a detailed and tailored proposal for you to read through in your own time to enable you to make your own informed decision.

And, if you decide to proceed, then you will be given your own dedicated project manager who will liaise with your contractors/project manager to ensure the installation is seamlessly integrated into the overall project.

For your FREE, NO OBLIGATION, DESKTOP SURVEY, please complete the form here and a member of our self-build team will give you a call.