Battery storage explained

Solar battery storage systems are designed to capture surplus solar energy, that would usually be exported to the grid, storing it for use later in the evening.

Sonnen batteries

With the latest industry advancements such as Time-Of Use tariffs, allowing you to top up your battery overnight with cheap energy and Grid Trading giving you the opportunity to sell your energy which will be credited to you against your energy bills, battery storage has become a sophisticated, intelligent and essential part of a home energy system.

The Social Energy app

Energy trading

Since we partnered with Social Energy (SE), the numbers of enquiries for battery storage has surged. Here’s a brief breakdown on how you can save more by joining their virtual network.

  • Your battery will store surplus solar energy and allow you to use this free energy when your solar panels aren’t producing.

  • Using AI, SE can automatically sell your spare energy to the grid when demand is high.

  • SE’s software means you can also participate in grid trading. The wholesale cost of electricity is always fluctuating, so, the AI predicts high and low prices and charges, stores and discharges energy accordingly.

  • And instead of always selling the cheap electricity to the grid when you can possibly earn from it, the software will also ensure you have enough for self-consumption too.

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Time-Of-Use tariffs

Time-of-use tariffs are designed to incentivise homeowners to use more energy at off-peak times. Of course, doing your washing in the middle of the night isn’t ideal! This is why topping up your battery with these cheap rates will accelerate the payback from your battery.

Time of day tariff

Householders pay less at times of low energy demand and more during peak hours, on Green Energy UK’s new tariff.

Pence per unit of electricity (kWh).

Guardian Graphic | Source: Green Energy UK

Solar Plants find the right energy storage to suit your needs

Tailored to you

Battery storage is currently changing the entire way we think of how to utilise renewables. However, there are dozens of models currently available that all offer their own benefits. We believe in taking a customer-centric approach when designing systems! It isn’t a case of one size fits all. And we will always determine with you, not for you, what the best option is.

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