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Here at Solar Plants, we always strive to leave a lasting impression with our customers. From the office staff at our headquarters, to energy advisors, electricians and installers across the country, we aim to provide unbeatable customer service. Don’t just take our word for it, here you can listen to our customers discuss their experience with the Solar Plants team, and why they decided solar was the obvious choice for them.

Mr Poole

We upgraded Mr Poole’s system back in February 2017 after his original inverter warranty had expired. Mr Poole explains how he was particularly impressed with the monitoring that allows him, and our in-house team, to ensure all the panels are working efficiently. “At the end of the experience, I got a favourable impression from Solar Plants, where if they said they were going to provide a service they would, and it would be good… I can do nothing more than recommend Solar Plants”.

Mr Bryson

Solar Plants installed a solar PV system for Mr Bryson after he was left feeling let down by the big six energy companies, as bills were continuously rising. He explains that he was dubious about how much the panels would work over winter months so kept a record of how much energy the panels have generated, and how much money he has saved on bills.

Mr Dennis

Mr Dennis decided to invest in a solar PV system from Solar Plants to be more ‘green’, as well as gaining a good return on his investment that the bank was not offering. “In total I have earned, in one year, £603.46”. Mr Dennis explains how he regularly monitors his panels but has peace of mind that Solar Plants’ in-house team also monitor his system and will alert him to any problems.

Mr Thurston

We installed a Tesla Powerwall 2 for Mr and Mrs Thurston at their home in Birmingham, as they wanted to use more of their generated solar energy rather than exporting it to the grid. “We wanted to use the extra generation for ourselves, either in the evenings when when there’s no power coming from the solar panels, or what we really fancy doing is using it to charge an electric car”.

Mr Arnold

Solar Plants upgraded Mr Arnold’s system earlier this year due to his inverter warranty having expired. Mr Arnold explains why he decided to upgrade and the benefits of now being able to monitor his panels. “Originally I was paying over £100 for gas and electricity now we’re only paying £58, so I wanted to keep that going”.

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